Principle of good faith

Principle of good faith


  In order to improve the efficiency and quality of our communication, please read the following content carefully before your first visit:

  ➣ Do not provide cash, negotiable securities, non-corporate gifts, expensive entertainment activities of leisure and tourism consumption to the employees of Fuxin and their relatives or friends. Do not reimburse the expenses that should be paid by individuals, and do not, in the way of symbolic charges, provide individuals property, housing decoration and other personal benefits.

  ➣ Do not engage in non-official lending, leasing, investment or any non-official activities with Fuxin employees and their relatives or friends.

  ➣ Do not give employees and their relatives or friends certain work arrangements by paying them commissions.

  ➣ Do not engage in any behaviors that damage the interests and image of Fuxin.

  ➣ Bribery of Fuxin’s employees is strictly prohibited, and any violation shall be held responsible according to Fuxin’s relevant rules and regulations, including but not limited to being blacklisted by Fuxin.

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