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Fuxin’s mission:

  We strive to become a comprehensive microelectronics IDM enterprise worthy of the trust of society, partners, employees, customers and suppliers!

  We strive to forge ahead to become a world-famous microelectronics brand enterprise!


Fuxin’s core philosophy:

  Innovation, equality, integrity, transparency, rigor and efficiency

Fuxin’s corporate culture:

  Adhering to the concept of innovation, equality, integrity, transparency, rigor and efficiency to develop, Fuxin always puts staff first, strives with diligence and perseverance to create a corporate culture featured by win-win development.


FuXin’s core competitiveness:

  Being people-oriented and giving full play to the positivity of talents, Fuxin attentively aims to produce high-quality and low-cost products, develops valuable products for customers and the industry, and provides customers with satisfactory services. Sincere cooperation,win-win development as well as the mentioned above are the core competitiveness of our enterprise.


Quality policy:

  Making quality products by scientific and technological innovation, and winning the trust of customers and creating first-class industry

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Integrity, Inclusiveness, Efficiency and Innovation

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